Joe Morris,
Sportive Rider

Before starting with Velocita Coaching I was a keen but uncommitted cyclist who was lucky to achieve two rides a week. I was frustrated with my lack of focus and was looking for a way to improve my skills as well as my overall fitness.
Tim firstly solved long standing injury problems with a full bike fitting and I can generate more power with complete comfort.
The setting of weekly goals has been key to my improvement and using Training Peaks to track this makes all the difference. It helps to analyse all the data I'm producing and lets me see where I can improve further. A great tool.
When I started out this was part of a whole lifestyle change which was a great challenge. Over this period there have been tough times where I have questioned what I've been doing but Tim’s great guidance and assistance has kept me on track when times have been hard. In less than a year we have already hit and exceeded a many of my long term goals and I can't thank you enough for assisting and supporting me with this.
If you're looking to get quicker and stronger on the bike, then maintain this level of fitness then Tim's programmes and support are easily the best value you can find. His positive and 'can do' attitude will help you get the best out of all your sessions. Always available on phone and email his commitment to two-way communication means you'll always be able to speak to him should there be the need to.

David Deans,
Time Trialist & Road Racer

I would like to say that coming from a non cycling background (running/skiing) I finally decided several years ago to try cycling. I quickly developed a love for the sport and decided to join my local club and was advised that the single most important move I could make was to have proper structured training. This in turn led me to Velocita Coaching and a meeting with Tim.
Joining Tim at Velocita coaching has been the most important decision I have made and the quality detailed structured training program which was perfectly tailored around my personal life and working life has seen me gain huge improvements in my cycling ability to date. These have been across all aspects from improved fitness levels, confidence and handling on the bike. My position has also been corrected, thanks to an expert bike fitting with Tim which quickly eliminated all the niggles I used to have. Due to Tim's quality coaching I am now racing in road races and TT events. If I can do it, so can you!!
I have to also add that it's not just on the bike where Tim has helped me. In the past 2 yrs that I have been coached by Tim, he has always been available to answer and advise me on any issues I come up against. From kit to bike equipment issues, regardless of how short notice or time of day. This is a key part of why I would advise anyone looking for a coach to look no further than Tim. This level of service and commitment to his riders is part of what sets him aside as the only cycling coach you should contact!
I look forward to many more years and continued improvements under Tim's guidance.

Andy McAllan,
Sportive Rider

I guess I fell into the common category of the cyclist who had no ambition to enter races or Time Trials but wanted to improve on the bike.
After a long time of going out and thrashing myself on the bike without any proper training plan I realised that I wasn’t getting any stronger or faster.
I contacted Tim and had a long conversation of my goals and aims and in no time at all I was receiving structured workouts and the improvements in my fitness and abilities were very noticeable.
Since being part of ‘Team Velocita’ I have completed some cycles that I am immensely proud of. A coast to coast ride, a five day cycle in France culminating in riding up Mount Vountoux, and being to hold my own in group rides, something I thought was beyond me.
My training sessions are delivered to my Training Peaks account each week and any feedback I enter is always addressed and discussed no matter how trivial it may seem.
Another valuable resource is Tim's bike fitting service, for a long time I suffered from aches and pains when riding my bike. Tim sorted me out with a proper bike fit and identified that my stem was too long and saddle was too high. My previous bike fit costing much more solved none of these issues.
For the price of a cycling magazine a week my cycling has improved beyond all my expectations.

Stuart Gray,
Road Racer

I contacted Tim after my first season of trying Road Racing, which I loved, to gain some structure into my training that fitted both around work and family time. I had a gym membership but was getting nothing out of this so cancelled it and got on board with one of Tim's packages and set some goals for the season.
Tim provides interesting and engaging sessions both on and off the road and the progression I noticed was instant. Each week bespoke sessions are uploaded online to the Training Peaks platform which are moulded around family and work commitments. Tim's commitment to his athletes mean last minute weather or plan changes are quickly accommodated and updated to suit.
My main goal this year was to move from Cat 4 to Cat 3 and as a result of a strong winter of training I managed this in only two races!!. This was no fluke and was purely down to Tim and the training I have received. Targeted and efficient to deliver quick results.
I continue to grow and develop as a cyclist and with Tim controlling my development in the background I know all I have to do is ride my bike as is prescribed that day. Whether a one hour turbo or a four hour training ride I know each session has purpose and my end goals in mind.
I cannot recommend Velocita Coaching enough.

Frances Warwick,
Sportive Rider

Tim was recommended to me as I was about to prepare for the 2016 Ride London 100 mile sportive. I had made a poor start on my own as I had not had a road bike before and struggled with gear changes and technique. During a consultation with Tim I shared my primary goal to finish the ride within 8 hours, due to occur nine months later. Additionally, I wanted support to improve my cycling technique for getting up and down hills, and to stop falling off. After an early session on the road together during which Tim gave me some tips on technique he set me a mixed programme of road rides, gym sessions and core work to keep me injury free and improve my speed, endurance and fitness. As well as a variety of outdoor sessions including hill repeats and endurance rides I enjoyed some prescribed core sessions at home to improve my strength. At any time I felt uncertain, Tim was available for a motivational chat. I finished Ride London in 6h35m, exceeding my wildest expectations. I am now hooked on road cycling and Tim continues to provide me with a challenging and varied training plan, fantastic support and motivational chats as needed. I have to say its great value for money too, costing about the same as a single PT session in the gym each month. I cannot recommend Tim highly enough.

Andrew MacMaster,
Road Racer

I have nothing but praise for the service I have received from Velocita Coaching. Previously I entered a road race and was scooped up by the broom wagon due to a catalogue of rookie mistakes and poor preparation. Tim picked me up mentally and physically and got me ready for battle which resulted in me finishing a respectable 6th in my first race. “I finished!". Delighted to be with Velocita Coaching and look forward to the future with confidence knowing I am under a steady hand.

David Horne,

Tim has provided me with personally tailored training plans that fit perfectly around my busy work and family life. His training plans are always well thought out and structured with my goals for the season taken into consideration. Tim has an amazing ability to understand the training that is best for me at any particular time and the effect it is having on my body. He listens to my feedback and knows when to increase the workload or pull it back a bit. Since being coached by Tim, for the last 18 months, I have seen strong improvements in my cycling and triathlon performances with several podium place finishes, including qualification to the GBR age group team. In the time since I've known Tim, he has helped me achieve my main goal of improving my cycling abilities and helping me qualify for the GBR Standard Triathlon Team (Kitzbuhel, 2017). If you are looking for a top coach who is a pleasure to work with and will help you succeed with your goals then Tim is your man.

Cpt. Ben Saunders,
Multi-Discipline Cyclist

I'm a long haul airline pilot living in Dubai. Finding a coach who could be dynamic and accommodating due my disruptive work schedule proved to be very difficult until I found Tim. Tim has been my coach for the past 18 months, during that time, with his knowledge and patience, he has improved my performance on the bike dramatically.
I've moved into the top team in our club’s 4-man 49 km time trials, my PB on a 10 mile time trial has constantly dropped and his tactical approach to road racing has given me the knowledge apply my power where its most effective. Now during the hot summer months we are mixing up the cycle road based strength and conditioning with an array of sessions including the turbo trainer, running and swimming as well as gym work.
Tim is a pleasure to work with, and importantly great at communicating even though I'm 3500 miles away. He really does get the best out of me so I perform on the day.

Karl Daly,
Road Racer

I was struggling to make best use of the limited and varying time I had available for training due to work commitments and having a young family. After an initial consultation with Tim we agreed that Velocita Coaching’s training plans would be well suited to developing my fitness and helping me achieve my goals. The concise plans, both outdoors and on the Turbo trainer, are structured and tailored to my fitness level and around my weekly schedule. Within three months I had visited the podium and was well on my way to enjoying a high level of competition in 2017.

Laura Sarkis,
Road Racer & Tri-athlete

Although he is a cycling coach, Tim took on the huge challenge of coaching me for the Celtman extreme triathlon and succeeded in taking two hours off my previous race time. He prescribes hard but achievable sessions and I have complete confidence in the programming and periodisation he schedules.
I have now moved into road racing and despite having moved overseas, Tim is coaching me for these new goals, adapting the overall plan to fit in my work and travel plans, being available to chat and coach me both physically and mentally to prepare to perform at my best for the target races.
Having a coach means my evenings and weekends can be spent with friends and family, and getting good quality time-efficient sessions in, which fit with my life and goals. I know do not have to spend time thinking ‘is this the right workout… should I be doing more/less’. Tim does all the planning and all I have to do is execute the session in confidence.

Jennifer Gans-Bona,
Audax Rider

I got into cycling 18months ago and quickly got into doing long distance events on my steel tourer. I wanted to move into road cycling so when the new carbon road bike arrived I got in touch with Tim to do a bike fit. He is absolutely fantastic! He spent time with me getting the perfect set up, from fitting my cleats to using video to analyse my pedalling. He advised a longer stem and when it arrived the following week, made time to see me to fit the stem and check the bike fit was perfect. The next day I travelled to Glasgow and tackled the Crow road and the Duke's Pass and with the new bike flew up those climbs.
I really appreciate the time Tim took to get me fitted. I also felt comfortable asking loads of questions about how to improve my cycling and transitioning to a more specialised bike. Really professional and helpful.

Communication & feedback:
a vital component in the coaching cycle