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The saddle interface is the secondary of 3 contact points on the bike, working together with the pedals and bars. The saddle position is vital for achieving pelvic stability with efficient power transfer, whilst safeguarding against injury. The effects of its position translate into optimising leg muscle utilisation, knee tracking, saddle pressure, as well as ensuring a relaxed core, shoulders, neck, and low hand pressure on the bars.

1. Rider Preparation

The rider should wear their normal cycling kit including lycra shorts and a short-sleeved or sleeveless vest top. In addition, bring their pedals and cycling shoes.

2. Rider Consultation

A rider consultation is used to discuss any known biomechanical restrictions or injuries, together with cycling style and goals, as the intended use of the bike requires specific pelvic positions and support e.g. TT vs. endurance road vs. trail riding.

3. Physical Assessment

The saddle choice is critical for safeguarding against injuries, such as in the knees, as well as preventing interface wounds such as saddle sores. A physical assessment protocol identifies correct measurement of the ischial tuberosity (sit bones), together with assessment of spinal curve, pelvic position, and flexibility across the body. These are vital inputs into selecting the appropriate saddle in conjunction with the rider's goals.

4. Saddle Selection

The appropriate saddle(s) will be selected from the wide range available off the shelf with consideration to width, shape, pressure relief channel and padding.

5. Saddle Test

The saddle(s) selected will be fitted to the fully adjustable Müve bike, allowing the rider to test against dynamic load in their typical riding position.

What You Receive

You are purchasing a rider focused high quality experience, with time and attention to detail being a top priority. As a result the session can last up to 1.5 hours and you should allow sufficient time in your schedule. Please note that all saddle fitting sessions are by appointment only with bookings made by contacting the studio.

  • A rider focused high quality experience
  • A private 1-2-1 session delivered in a dedicated fitting studio
  • Your new saddle transferred to your current bike (if supplied)*
  • Follow up support

*Saddles are sold additionally to the saddle fitting service.

Note: The saddle fitting service does not represent a substitute for a full bike fitting. The service focuses on selection of a suitable saddle with consideration to riding style and measured physical anatomy.

Saddle Fit


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