Bike Fit Process

1. Rider Preparation

For best results, the rider should wear classic cycling kit - including lycra shorts and a short sleeved or sleeveless top.

2. Rider Consultation

Bike fitting is a very personal process and requires in-depth understanding of your cycling goals, experience and unique physical characteristics This includes any bio-mechanical restrictions or injuries. The rider consultation ensures this information is captured to best inform the fit process to follow.

3. Physical Assessment

Every rider has different physiological characteristics which effect their contact points (bars, saddle, and pedals) and the position which they are able to achieve. The physical assessments allow identification of the limitations of the rider, together with the appropriate support required to establish bio-mechanical stability on the bike.

All fit services include cleat positioning, and sit bone, pelvic rotation & spinal flexibility assessment for saddle selection, and foot structure assessment for determining required support. BG and BG with Retül fittings provide additional anatomical assessments, for example leg length discrepancy.

4. Rider Fitting

The rider mounts the bike, fixed in a turbo trainer. For BG with Retül only, the dual harness of LED markers are placed at eight anatomical points on the rider's body. Adjustments to the bike are then made to optimise the fit. As well as positional changes to the bike, components may also be swapped at this point from the wide range of stock including saddles, stems, bars and shoe support inserts.

Upon completion, all bike position measurements are recorded. For BG with Retül only, the bike is 'Zinned' using Retül's handheld digitizer the 'Zin' tool. This creates a millimetre accurate digital map of the complete bike including all the contact points. From this a rider file is created including your personal profile, consultation notes, physical assessment, bike measurements and your final fit position. This is then stored on the Velocita Coaching server for future comparison and a report emailed to you.

5. Follow Up

You will receive a scheduled follow-up to review your adaptation to the new position, answer your questions, and provide guidance on how to get the most out of your ride.

Bike Fit Overview

Body Geometery Lite
Body Geometery
Body Geometery with Retül
Rider Consultation
Physical Assessments
(Cleats / Saddle / Foot Structure)

Physical Assessments
(Full Body Assessment)
3D Motion Capture

Body Geometry


per bike
Make Contact

Body Geometry


per bike
Make Contact

Body Geometry
with Retül


per bike
Make Contact

What You Receive

You are purchasing a rider focused high quality experience, with time and attention to detail being a top priority. As a result the bike fitting session typically lasts from 2-4 hrs and you should allow sufficient time in your schedule.

Please note that all bike fitting sessions are by appointment only with bookings made by contacting the studio.

  • A rider focused high quality experience
  • A private 1-2-1 session delivered in a dedicated fit studio
  • Adjusted/replaced rider components e.g footbeds, cleats, shoe wedges, stackers, saddle, stem*
  • A fully fitted and adjusted bike
  • Full bike fit report
  • Follow up support

*All components are sold additionally to the fitting.

What Is Required

  • Specify your current pedal system (e.g. Look, Time, Speedplay, Shimano) at the time of booking
  • Ensure your bike is clean and in good working order
  • Check your bike is able to be adjusted i.e. non seized components
  • Your bike
  • Your cycling shoes
  • Your pedals
  • Your cycling clothing - lycra shorts and short sleeved or vest top
  • Extra layer(s) for when off the bike
  • Towel (if requesting a shower)
  • Food & snacks
What’s provided:
  • Private parking
  • Tea, coffee, water
  • Showers and changing facilities
  • Complementary Wifi access

The FIT process:
your path to comfort, power & efficiency