The FIT System

What is Body Geometry FIT

Specialized Body Geometry Fit is the proprietary process developed by one of the leading bike companies in the world through Mike Sinyard and Andy Pruitt. The process takes fitting back to fundamentals with a rider centred approach. This is seen in the Fit session, with a significant duration allocated to rider discussion accompanied by pre-fit physical assessments on joint range of movement, stability and structure.

What is Retül FIT

Retul is a bike fit tool that layers on top of the BG Fit process. Key to understand however is that it does not instruct the fitter what to do or substitute for experience. What it does is capture data, in one of the most accurate and comprehensive ways available, providing a data driven and informed approach to the fit process. This gives the fitter one of the most powerful tools available, to enhance their abilities and provide you, the rider, the best fit available.

RETÜL Vantage 3D Advanced Motion Capture System

Retül bike fitting is recognised worldwide as a leader in bike fitting systems, delivering the rider improved comfort, power and efficiency whilst working to prevent injury.

The Retül process achieves this with accurate, real-time, 3D dynamic analysis:

  • Accurate. The Retül process is accurate to within less than a millimetre.
  • Real-time. The Retül hardware captures and displays the bio-mechanical position instantaneously. Adjustments are made dynamically with the rider in motion, with the effects felt and seen instantly.
  • 3D. The Retül hardware uses multiple sensors to triangulate the position of the riders anatomical markers, plotting them in 3 dimensional space. This reveals true compound angles and allows tracking of the knees and hips.
  • Dynamic. The Retül process incorporates the rider pedalling against resistance to reveal true bio-mechanics.
The Fitter

The fitter is at the heart of the process. Tools cannot replace experience or the ‘fitters eye’, and so they are the most valuable ‘component’ in your fitting experience. Only certified fitters are allowed to conduct Body Geometry / Retül Bike Fits. So, you know you’re receiving the highest level of quality and service.

Body Geometry


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Body Geometry


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Velocita Coaching...
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Equipment and Premises

At Velocita Coaching our equipment set up in a dedicated and fully stocked coaching and bike fit studio. The studio offers a private and top level customer experience, with component parts available off the shelf to complete your fit.


In addition to being fully certified to offer BG/Retül fitting to our customers, this is backed up with experience and expertise covering fittings for hundred of satisfied riders. Coaching expertise is also ever present, providing understanding of the functional and practical requirements for both competitive and non competitive bike fit setups. As well as understanding the rider, all bike adjustments are backed up with full Cytech mechanic qualifications for performing the changes to your bike.

Follow Up

The bike fit service is focused on customer satisfaction. You will receive a scheduled follow-up to review your adaptation to the new position, answer your questions, and provide guidance on how to get the most out of your ride.

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