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Key to successful coaching direction is two-way communication, to ensure the training provided is appropriate and progressive. To best suit you as a rider and your needs, a host of mediums are available such as telephone, face to face, and email. Whichever is used, it is an expectation of riders to maintain regular and frequent communication with their coach and provide the feedback requested.

When choosing any of the monthly packages, all clients are provided with a personal online Training Peaks account. Your account will be linked to Velocita Coaching and will allow two-way communication, upload of your training data and session feedback. You will receive your training prescriptions through your account where you can easily access and review your new sessions as they are scheduled.

Data is accepted from training devices such as heart and power meters, allowing analytical analysis. Also included is the ability to tag your feedback describing the quality of the session or any highlighted issues.

You will be able to access your online account through a PC at home or in the office, or through mobile devices when on the move by installing the App.

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